Skout. Trusted leader in legal recruitment.

Skout is a legal executive recruitment agency, established by Desiree Mohrmann and Natascha Jonkers. Skout specializes in the recruitment of experienced legal professionals, permanent or interim. We have been exploring the market since 2004  and have developed a very strong network. That is how we recognize a possible match. While doing this, we rely on our experience. And on our clients. Because trust works in both ways. We share the passion for our profession and provide a strong basis for both client and candidate. Skout combines experience, knowledge and energy.


Due to our years of experience, we know the labor market very well. We always know which legal professionals are available. We also proactively approach experienced legal professionals. In this respect, we are always aware of the shortage in the market and we like to think outside of the box. We bring together people and organizations with an approach that suits both client and candidate. We work in a personal, creative, very committed and proactive way towards the market.

Executive Recruitment

As a client, you are looking for a long-term partnership with the best legal professionals out there. Then it is important to know who you are looking for exactly. Skout helps you figure out which candidate is the best match for you. We have built up an elaborate track record and like to work for fast-growing startups, multinationals, family businesses and commercial service providers. Skout recognizes the need of an organization and carefully translates it to the market. Because of our experience, we know the market really well and we work fast and conscientiously. We deliver results and always work on a tight schedule.

Over the past ten years, Skout has developed a huge network of experienced interim legal professionals. Because we have been working with most of them for years, we know their qualities and can estimate which assignments and organizations will be a match for them. Generally, when you are looking for an interim legal professional, you would like to hire someone quickly. Skout can present a suitable candidate in only a few hours. This is possible due to our elaborate network. Skout works only with experienced interim legal professionals with a proven track record.


You are a legal professional. You value personal growth. There are times you wonder whether your talents are given enough scope. Skout wants to help you out. We know where the possibilities and chances are in the current market.


The positions we are scouting are very diverse, but the legal component is always important. We help you to determine your mission, vision and strategy on the long run. Together, we look at which organizations are interesting, and why. We investigate which role suits you. This goes beyond discussing your CV and the job description. We work in a very personal, committed and transparent way. That is our added value.

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